Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bear Paw Bag

Well I been trying out doing a bag, I used the Bear Paw block finish size 20 inches, as you will see by the photos working from the top one which is the rotary cut, next is one of the 2 blocks I did then with the wadding/batting on the back & I had quilted stitch in the ditch, & last the finished results.
Now I will share what I found first to do a smaller block & add borders as I have lost some of the block with assemble, next, I would put fabric on the back of the wadding okay yes you can get away with it but I was using a Polyester one & it gets caught on the feet may be okay with a different wadding but as I was using what I can get locally rather than the good stuff what I would use for quilts I think it needs some fabric on back even if it something I hate as it not seen.
I also know I made some mistakes first the handles put them on wrong I think I should have put them on the block but on the wrong side not the right side just me as I can see the mistakes, the inside fabric is the green which is in the block I not taken a photo of that as while I suppose you can reverse it what would be the point if you done all that work on the block well I will be trying more bags using blocks but will do it like I said smaller block with borders.

Above Rotary Cutting sheet
Below block

Below block once quilted with wadding

Below Finished Bag


  1. Very nice job! I really can't see the mistakes from the photos, so I wouldn't worry about it.

  2. I know, as the sewer, we see all of our own mistakes. But nobody else will see them or care. It's a pretty bag. Enjoy it!

  3. That bag is totally gorgeous! Ya clever tart you!

  4. Lovely, I am so impressed! :-)

    Hugz from NZ

  5. Hello Janice, I am very fond of the Bear's Paw pattern, love the colouring you chose.....gorgeous finish...Warm Regards Lyn

  6. It's a beautiful bag!

  7. Janice, Your bag is lovely, the colours too. Ros

  8. I love you bag...I'm hopeless at making them and envious of anyone who can ;o) Great colours too!



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