Sunday, 16 August 2009

My Quilting Day

Above the inside of the bag
Above the outside of the bag
& below
Embellishment bag

What a day I had yesterday went off to quilting it was a extra one it was a bag day, well after Jan twisted my arm to go I wondered why I was hurting lol off I went for the day.
In the morning we did a bag now I always said I am not a bag person in that I am not making them well must say am rather pleased with the way the reverseable bag came out as you can see by my lousy photos lol.
In the afternoon Jan decided that we do a embellished one well that was a game & half first I forgot to take more fabric but Jan graciously gave me some so the other one has that sheer fabric over the outside fabric & it has some beads, feathers & a teddy in I am not sure if I Love it or Hate it but surprisingly DH said oh you can make some of them on a larger scale lol
The reverseable bag I must say I have had lots of thoughts on how to do different ones such as do a blocks instead of using just the size of fabric I think I can see more Christmas presents getting done lol do leave your comments good or bad as I love to read them


  1. They are pretty bags! I want to make one for one of my daughters for Xmas.. I already have the material.. colourful turtles!

  2. Hey Janice,
    ME!!! Twist your arm.....NO....surely not....hee hee hee
    Aw come on you enjoyed the day, well, I hope you did and you made a truly lovely bag. The neat thing about these is the fact they are totally reversible as you point out. The afternoon one I know is a bit of a fag to do, but you gotta admit its worth it. :-) Thanks for coming.
    Jan xx


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