Sunday, 9 August 2009

Early Christmas Tips

I was having a bit of a bad night last night & got up for a bit then I went back to bed & it then I started to think about Christmas I just looked at how many days it is until Christmas so I got to start think & this is what I have come up with.
Now we all say oh is it Christmas already I not ready for it, well we all know it on the 25th December it not like it changes like Easter or anything so I thought of a way of helping with the following tips, Christmas is now in November if we say this then we won't be rushing around at the last minute.
Make a To Do List so you know what to do & tick off when you done it.
Start making gifts now, if you do cloths make some, get some baskets & put say a cloth & back scrubber in there with some bath/shower gel soap ect you can be picking these up at the local pound/dollar store so you don't have to spend a lot or may be you make your own.
If you have large items to do start now so you are not up all night trying to finish them at the last minute.
Make a list of who you send cards to & or gifts & get the cards in now & write a few at a time I know I hate having to do all the lot in one go also start to get in the stamps so you don't have a lot to buy at one time.
If you have someone in a care home or even just don't need anymore gifts as such how about a toiletry basket like I said earlier or a family photo of you & your family in a nice frame so they have a nice reminder of you, if it someone on their own or in need a small hamper you can start to get things in your shopping each week so you won't notice the cost of a extra tin or 2 plus if they have a pet put something in there for them so it will help them as they won't have to buy it themselves or may be get a supermarket saving book & put a stamp or two on each week it will soon mount up as until Christmas there is nearly 19 weeks so that can be a nice amount.
Start to pick up food for yourselves for Christmas all the ones that will keep not only will you not have such a big lay out when it comes to the holidays but it be less to do & will help avoid the big rush as everyone thinks the shops will be shut forever lol
Start your Christmas cake & or Pudding also possible the mincemeat for your sweet pies it will make it easier & can taste better as they had longer to mature, you can also possible a head of making the pies themselves make the pastry & freeze or in November make the pies & cook & then freeze them you won't have to then do them at the last minute plus you only need to take out as many as you need each time so they will be fresh each time.
Make sure you know the last posting date for items that need to go in to the post, if you have large items that need to go overseas by sending early you can use surface mail which is cheaper than going air so again saving money it does take much longer that is why you have to send it so much earlier here in the UK last post for say the USA surface is normally in October
The last tip is not so much for this Christmas but next, once Christmas is over get a tin or a jar & start putting the small loose change in it this will help with the cost, also if you got one supermarket stamp a week you have over 50 that can help pay for the groceries ect & once the sales are on look for the Christmas cards & wrapping they are on sale so you get the bargains again you be ahead of the game for next year.
I hope that these tips will help & if not blame lack of sleep on my part lol


  1. I apprecIAte your tips. I totally overdid it last year and did not enjoy Christmas because of it . This year I got an early start and am buying more gifts and only making what I know I can complete. Hugs. Joyb

  2. early start is always the way to amazes me the specials you can pick up during the year and save $$$$...the loose change tip is how I cover my cost of postage for swaps-it all adds uppp,thanks for sharing ,cheers Vickie

  3. Sounds like you're way ahead of the game. Merry Christmas!

  4. You have some good tips, how organized is that! I am going to try some of these. When I was younger, I tried to shop all year long and that really helped the rush at the last minute.

  5. Good tips, Janice!

  6. I used to buy Christmas presents all year 'round, and had a "Christmas box" to put them in.
    My organizational ability did NOT go as far as having a list on the outside - naming who I already had something for, however. So I would end up with three presents for one person and none for others. Sigh.

    Let's not forget the surface mail deadline to Australia! It's in October too - from Canada.

    Happy knitting,
    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
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