Thursday, 6 August 2009

Friendship Star Block

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was busy I cut fabric for a lotto that I am in on my online quilting group It called Quilting4All we have members from around the world, anyway in a couple of weeks time from Friday to Sunday we will be having a Online Retreat.

Bev One of my Moderators came up with the idea saying as we can all go to a retreat the retreat can come to us so we use this time or part of it to try to do some of the things we want to.

Anyway back to the Lotto Bev picks out a block this time it a 9" Friendship Star Block using Medium to Dark Blue with Yellow star for each block you sign up to your name goes in so 1 block 1 entry 2 blocks 2 entries ect I have done 5 so I get 5 entries on the Sunday night Bev's husband will draw out a name & they get all the blocks.

My blocks I used two different blues I did 2 in a Royal & 3 in a Dark blue the photo may look like the blues on the same block is different but they aren't it the lighting the top left & middle ones are the Royal Blue ones.
Not sure what I will be doing next, today is shopping day have to get the groceries so we can eat I guess lol so we will be off to Wellingborough to shop this week, don't know why but the supermarket there is slightly cheaper petrol than the same one at Kettering so we go there when we need to put some in, I will be posting the Shoo Fly block off today so that will take around a week or so to arrive, I hope if i don't do much else I can get some fabric out to at least be ready to cut it ready to sew tomorrow.

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