Saturday, 22 August 2009

Online Retreat

Above Inside Reversable bag
Above Outside of Reversable bag

Above Coasters/Mug Mats

This Week-end is my Online Quilting Group's Online Retreat as we are in all different parts of the world a proper retreat is out of the question so one of my modators came up with a Online Retreat which we do around 3 or 4 times a year.
The photos are of what I have been doing since yesterday there is coasters/mug mats & a reversable bag I learnt this at Jan's Bag Day last week-end & this is the 2nd bag that I did plus of course the embellishment one.
I can't say who these are for as they will be going off to a friend & she may read this so Mum's the word lol
I hope to do some other bits tomorrow for the last day, if you look down at a earlier post you see the Friendship blocks which is for the lottery drawn which is being done tomorrow evening Canadian time


  1. The bags are real cute! Have fun with the retreat!

  2. Hello there, I love the idea of an online retreat.....fantastic....the bags are lovely......Warm Regards Lyn

  3. Very nice.. and just what piece of exercise equipment is acting as a coat hanger there! lol

  4. Janice your bag is wonderful and I love the shape and size!
    The coasters are a great idea too.
    Enjoy your online retreat. A fun idea.
    Robyn xx

  5. Great bag....have a fun online Quilt retreat. That's really a great idea.


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