Friday, 4 September 2009

Just Like Christmas

This Morning doorbell rang & it was the parcel man who had a delivery for me I did know this was coming but it not was going to be in this as this was a belated birthday present from my friend Lynnette click on her name to go to her online shop.
Well I proceeded to open up this box & it was my Birthday & Christmas all rolled in to one as you can see I have bee so spoilt thank you Lynnette
I received a pack of P&B FQs there is 22 in this pack, then there was 4 packs of FQs in which there was two with 4 FQs & two with 5 FQs in (hope you keeping count) then I received two packs of 5 inch squares (think you call them charms) & one pack of 4 inch squares no idea how many squares in each pack but a lot, then I also got a pack of 2 inch strips of fabric, so i received 40 FQs 2 packs of 5 inch squares 1 of 4 inch & 1 pack of strips Lynnette had said in a card this should keep me sewing until next holiday well I think it will for several holidays now how luck am I am not sure what I will do with them as yet I am still admiring them & overwhelmed with her generosity it certainly Christmas here in my household today.

Above all my Goodies
Below is in more detail 4 & 5 inch squares
Below 4 packs of FQs two are 4 in a pack & the other two have 5 in

Below a pack of 2 inch strips of fabric

Below is P&B FQ pack of 22 FQs


  1. That's going to keep you sewing for quite awhile. Wow, what a generous friend.

  2. What a lovely surprise! Enjoy it all!

  3. WOW you lucky Tart!!!!
    Have fun with that lot.

  4. When I saw search fakilies on Lyn's page I just had to come over to see what you were about. Iam a genealogist always looking for that little bit more or the person that "went "
    Hey I love your gifts

  5. OOH wow cool tell your mail man to come my way I want the kind of mail you are getting LOL


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