Saturday, 12 September 2009

More Dutch Nine Patch Blocks Greens

Here is more Dutch Nine Patch blocks these are Greens 3 are two shades of green & 1 is Green & Cream myself I prefer the green with the cream.
This is showing how different fabrics can look in the same block which even if you dislike the colours or fabric it interesting to see how different colours can make a difference


  1. It's a really pretty block. You do good work.

  2. Love your blog Jab=nice, andIhate to tell you but I like the green blocks best !!

  3. Sorry for the finger problem Janice. I do know how to spell your name !!

  4. Hello Janice, nothing worse than sore hands, I have the start of arthritis in my your Dutch Nine Patch blocks...they are definetely on my to do list...hugs lyn


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