Saturday, 12 September 2009

Where Did We Begin

On Daisy Quilts she has come up with a question which a we are answering where did we begin or how did we start quilting so this is my story.
I had always knitted but due to hand problems it was getting more difficult I had started to take a sewing course but we decided to move so I couldn't continue but before we decided this I had gone to a Quilting shop as I thought I like to do a quilt well I got some charm packs the cutting mat, rotary cutter & a ruler & then it all got packed away as I said we thought we would move.
After we moved knitting became impossible for me to continue & I had started to look on ebay for supplies & found a lovely lady called Lynnette who sold me some squares we have since become very good friends & with her encouragement & nagging after a year I took the plunge
I did a lap quilt using scrappy squares which I gave to my mum it took a while after that before I did another quilt this was better than the first which looking at it now wasn't very good & since then have made a few the last ones I feel I can really see the improvement still not anywhere near as good as I would like but so much better than my first one so I feel I come a long way since my first quilt but still have much further to go

Another quilt for one of the Granddaughters

Above Grandson's quilt I did these 3 all in a short space of time for the 3 eldest grandchildren

Above 2nd quilt this & the one below are for my Granddaughters

Above First full size quilt

Below my first quilt before it finished


  1. It's so nice to see your 'quilting journey'. I still have my very first quilt, and it was used for all of my babies.

  2. I made Griffin a quilt last year... I got the block patterns off the internet... and I didn't think I would make another one!
    I enrolled in a painting course in january this year, but it was cancelled at the last minute, so I switched to the patchwork class cos they wouldn't refund my money! So, that's how I started doing patchwork again!
    I am rather happy now, cos I do love it.

  3. You have made lovely quilts...a wonderful journey you had.

  4. I had always fancied having a go at patchwork and I met a lady at a craft shop who was rafflng a quilt for a school. She did classes and I joined. 10 years down the road I am still patching !! And still loving it.

  5. I love these quilts! It is never to late to start either!!! I will be back to visit!!! melinda


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