Sunday, 27 September 2009

I'm Having a Give-Away

Above Me & Mum in Scotland she knitted the Arans we wearing taken when she was around 86 (1997)
Above Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 6

Below 10 Novelty FQs It is coming up to the 1st anniversary of my mum passing she passed away on the 5th October 2008 age 97, she was a avid knitter & loved knitting Aran garments she was never a quilter so I don't get too down i am doing this Give-Away which I know she would love.
She was also fascinated with the way I could chat to people all over the world & how generous they were, I am in a knitting group where I do some swaps & when I did some would send things for her as well as me, & when she was ill off & on over the last few years before her passing both knitters & quilters sent her get well cards & she couldn't get over how strangers would send her cards.
So in honour of her I am doing a Give-away which will be drawn on the 5th Oct the anniversary of her death to be in with a chance you leave your comments, to get one entry & if you mention it on your blog you get 2 more chances do give your blog so I can check it out, so there is up to 3 chances of winning, now you may be saying what will you win well you get a book called Gooseberry Patch Christmas book 6 plus 10 novelty FQs, 1 name will be drawn on 5th October Good Luck to you All

Above my mum & dad taken at a char ladies ball around 1951
Below my mum in 2004 age 93


  1. What wonderful memories of your mother. It's so special to share a common interest. Please put my name in your giveaway - I love the things you're including.

  2. I think she would be very proud of you hun, I will post it on my blog for you too.

    Hugs to you Janice


  3. Hi there!

    Please add MY name, also!

    I LOVE winning stuff - doesn't happen too often and it really doesn't matter what it is... s'long as I win "something"... LOL

    Seriously, your prize give-a-ways are GREAT!!!!

    Tks for adding my name!

    Rosa Robichaud

  4. Count me in! Thanks Janice. Love the picture of your mum and dad!

  5. Hi, please would you put my name in for the give away too?

    It's great that you have some good memories of your mother, thanks for sharing with us.

  6. What lovely memories of your mom and dedicating the giveaway to her is so nice. Please do include me, and your mom would be proud of you.

  7. What a lovely way to remember your mom! She sounds like a wonderful person! Take care - I will be blogging about your give-away right now!

  8. I think your mom would be so proud of you. Please count me in for your wonderful give away. I also enjoyed visiting your blog and all your lovely quilts. Take care.

  9. Such a lovely tribute with so many wonderful memories. What a wonderful way to honor her. I am so happy to have found your blog--I will now follow. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance, and I will blog about your giveaway for additional chances.

  10. Oh what a great age - 97. My own mom just turned 90. This is a beautiful way to honour your mom. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Such sweet memories of your Mother.
    Such a nice way to honor her memory by giving to others! She would be proud of you I am sure.
    I lost my mother in 2004 miss her everyday, she was my best buddy.
    Thanks so much for a chance at your lovely giveaway!

  12. What a wonderful daughter and such sweet comments about your mom, love the pictures....What a wonderful way to honor your mom!

  13. I am sure that she left you with such wonderful memories from her long life. You are wonderful to share those memories with others. I will add this to my blog.

  14. Such sweet memories of your Mom. Your Mom did a great job on your sweaters :) Please enter me in your give a-way.

  15. What a wonderful mom your mother must have been, as she certainly raised a thoughtful & generous daughter. So nice of you to have a giveaway in memory of your mother. While I truly wish she were here with you today, it is nice to celebrate her memory.

    I lost my mom in '92, when she was 67. I still miss her every day!


  16. Great giveaway! So nice of you to have a giveaway in memory of your mother. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. What a wonderful way to remember your mother. Thanks for the chance.

  18. How sweet to remember your "Mum" this way!

  19. What a lovely way to remember your Mum... put my name in the hat ! I will try to remember to mention your giveaway on my blog!

  20. What a lovely story about your Mother....thank you for sharing it. I too am often amazed how wonderful people really are....sending photos and cards...and you...sharing your memories of your Mother with us....Thanks :)


  21. Hi Janice, what a lovely idea in memory of your Mum. I always check your blog and you have inspired me to knit socks.........
    Patricia Q4all

  22. Your mum would be thrilled to know that all of the 'friends' you've made out in blog land will be receiving something in her memory. I know you miss her terribly, and this is such a sweet way to honor her life. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the giveaway.


  23. You have such lovely things to say about your mother, I know she must have been a wonderful person and is still very much loved. Thank you for sharing your celebration of her life with this give away!

    Also, I have blogged about this event!

  24. It sounds like your mother was a wonderful are you, for sharing those special memories with us.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  25. This is a beautiful way to remember a loved one. Your mum is smiling for you and bringing you sunshine to fill your heart today.


  26. it lokks like you had a great realationship with your mom and that is the most important thing!
    so you are lucky!
    i became a follower and blogged about your giveaway
    thanks for it
    and feel good!!!


  27. Hi Janice, Its true that old rhyme you know...
    If you have a Mother
    Treasure her with care
    Because you will never miss her
    Till you see her vacant chair.
    lol to you me dear, see you very soon. I would love to enter your Give Away if allowed. Very kind of you to do it in honour of your mum. She looks to have been a wonderful lady, just like you then.
    lol Jan x

  28. It's a lovely idea to honour your mommy, please count me in I love your prizes!!!, thank you for sharing about her. I have my mom, she's 73 yo and I have my grandma, she's 100 years and eight months old right now :)

  29. Oh sorry!, forgot to say I blogged about your giveaway!

  30. What a lovely idea, Janice!
    It can be tough remembering people we love when they die but sharing our memories and that love is important.
    Sending you a huge hug,

  31. What a lovely rememberance of your Mom! I would love to be entered in your drawing please. I have also already posted a link on my blog, so please give me the extra entries as well.

    Thanks alot,
    Lynn Brooks

  32. What a nice way to remember her. I am also a knitter but not anything complicated. Great giveaway.

  33. I love how you are honoring your dear Mom! My Mom lived to 97, and I still miss her terribly. I love the knitted sweaters! What talent it must take to do that! I will post your giveaway on my blog.

  34. she looks like a sweetheart and the sweaters she made are just gorgeous...I bet she would love the giveaway in her honor. melinda

  35. Thank you for sharing your memories with us, your Mom would be proud of you.

  36. Your mom sounds like she was special. I lost my mom in January of this year. Great giveaway!

  37. bless your sweet heart for honoring your mother ... the Aran cardigans are so beautiful! my mother has given up on most of her handwork ... and has taken up painting with watercolors - she says she was weary of crocheting after eighty or so years of it

  38. What a beautiful giveaway, please count me in.
    Thank you!


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