Sunday, 20 September 2009

Quilting Group Project

Yesterday was my Quilting Group I have had the newsletter earlier giving suggested supplies well as I need to see something before I can say I would like it in this or that colour I went with the suggested colours we did have a picture of it on the newsletter but it was dark so hard to see anyway.
Well off I go with my machine & supplies scared like a chicken thinking no way will I be able to do this, but Jan is a great teacher she helps you along which she did with me.
The project is a quilt/topper or what ever you want it to be it will finish at 40"x40" so not sure what I will do with it yet may be a Christmas gift if it finished in time.
Well I cut out all the pieces on Heat & Bond (web bond) well I say me I had help as I struggle with having to cut out with sccissors but all pieces cut & then put on to the right colour fabric & then put on centre panel fabric it looking good well I think it is.
As the machine I take I only had a few months & only ever gets used when I am at QG I wasn't sure of the settings so I couldn't do the sewing around the basket & flowers I will practice on some scraps on my regular machine before starting to attempt it on the basket but it will make me remember to take the instruction book with me to the machine but the other thing is that this machine hasn't a clear foot like my regular machine.
Anyway as I didn't do anymore on the basket I started to do the 4 patch which will go around the the panel before adding a strip all around that which would have had some vines & leaves added to it but that is for next month I just have to get the stitching all round the basket, leaves, stems & flowers plus add the 4 patch all around before next month.
I must say this is my first attempt at doing applique & I am enjoying the look will say more when I attempted to do the sewing all around the pieces lol so this is my centre panel so far I will have to give it a light press again as bringing it home I noticed it has got slightly creased so need to press it before I start to sew.


  1. It's fun to try somesthing new and find that we really can do it. I like the pattern, and it's going to look great when you're done.

  2. I think you did really well, stitching round can be tricky, are you going to do blanket stitch or zigzag? You might like it as a wall hanging.

  3. Love it! You did a wonderful job!

  4. It,s looking good , be brave add some borders to make it bigger , it would look good on the table at christmas---cottonreel


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