Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mid-Week Report

It is already mid-week, & so far I haven't done as much as I would like well have spent some money that I can't afford lol I ordered some Plain/Solid colour sock yarn it is Regia 4 ply I got a Dark Green & a Brown these will do for DH, I ordered on Monday arrived Tuesday.

I then went & ordered more sock yarn from the place which is in the UK & if you spend over £10 postage free I ordered 8 more balls but this time I have some Bamboo yarn well it still Regia but it discontinued & it 40% bamboo the balls are only 50 grm so need 2 balls for a pair of socks so got 2 different shades so that the 4 balls & the other 4 balls I ordered some self-patterning one.

I have also ordered some Non-Slip squares & a A4 cutting mat the mat is so I can take it to my quilting group the squares are 5.5" 8.5" & 15.5" I thought the large one would be good for doing some blocks for bags I like to square up what I do & I am trying to build up my collection of templates.

My DH went off out & he found me some lovely thimbles as I collect them well I do but hadn't bother in ages then I was talking to someone in Australia & we doing a swap & it got my interest up again so I got some more little cabinets & DH has put them on the wall I keeping one just for the ones he buys me then rest can go in the other 2 cabinets that he put up.

No photos to share today may be tomorrow if i can finish the blocks I am working I must say while I like the Dutch 9 Patch I much prefer it if there is more than one to do in the same colour than if I have to do each one separately in different colours so will be glad when they are finished.

I hope everyone is busy with their projects I have nearly finish the 1st of a pair of socks for DH with yarn I had I do want to put these away for Christmas for him that the only think he does see me knitting & I know he knows the plain colours are for him lol you all have a good day now

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  1. I didn't know you collected do I.
    You were quite busy with everything!


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