Thursday, 24 September 2009

My Thimbles

I been asked to show my thimble collection off so here it is the first photo is the one cabinet which is the one I have the longest it has quite a few Christmas ones plus others.
The second photo shows one of the 3 cabinets I have on another wall I have only just got these cabinets & this photo shows the cabinet which is full of famous people
The third photo is a matching cabinet to the 2nd one but this has places in the UK.
The last photo show the 3 cabinets on the wall, the top cabinet which don't have many in I am using to keep ones that my DH gets me I know he getting some which he not given me as he do that at Christmas as he said he has to get me things as he sees them & if he gives me them now I have nothing for Christmas lol I have asked him for more cabinets as I still have a few to put out plus I have a small corner all shelf which I have a few tall ones which are too tall to go in the cabinets I hope you like looking at my collection.
Above is a cabinet on another wall Christmas & other thimbles
Above famous people thimbles

Below is the 3 on one wall
Above is the places thimbles


luv2quilt2 said...

Thanks for treating us to a peek at your collection of thimbles. A nice collection for someone who sews.

Chris H said...

OOO I must keep an eye out for a New Zealand thimble for you!

Micki said...

They are all lovely. I adore the famous people thimbles.

solomi558 said...

A lovely collection . Don,t feel too sad in October , I hope your mum hd a wonderful life . My mum is 96 . cottonreel

Millie said...

What a lovely collection of thimbles and a huge one too.

arlette said...

Wow!, what a lovely collection of thimbles. I'm thinking about in start one for myself!, how long do you have collecting them?