Monday, 21 September 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 2

Well end of week two of the Christmas Challenge, I have only manage one item for the gift stash this week but that is the challenge to do at least one item, the reason it only been one item I was busy doing the Dutch Nine Patch Blocks so now they are out the way I hope to be able to do more gifts.
With the Dutch 9 patch blocks I did finish the last off but guess who was so happy to finish them & get them in to their envelopes no photo was taken of the last few.
The socks below are a plain/solid brown colour not so happy with the yarn when knitting as it does feel a little scratchy but once knitted & washed they are fine these will be for DH
I got as I said before some more sock yarn & I have started another pair of socks for DH this is out of Regia Bamboo yarn it a discontinued like & I got some blue flex type yarn so DH will wear them but I do have to be so careful when looking at yarns if any are for him he so fussy lol that said he not so bad if I do them as a trainer/sport sock as he says they not seen inside the shoe so he will wear a bit more of colour mix.
Well how are all of you doing with this challenge I not seen this on anybody's blog you know the weeks & days are ticking away fast & before we know it we be in holiday season so do start to get those gifts started & let me know I would love to see what you are up to
On a slightly different note some who leave comments are on no reply so as welcome as they are I can't comment back to you it not that I don't wish to so please do bear this in mind if you post a comment I love hearing from you all so please do continue leaving your comments


  1. I haven't started any Christmas gifts, and really hadn't planned to make any. I'll no doubt think of something I want to make the week before Christmas. I love the socks.


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