Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Look at This Blog

Well I was pointed to a blog & after going there I find she having a give away so you not only get to met a nice lady you have a chance of winning something so here is the link


Well worth taking a look at.

I am still waiting on my new machine it should be here either today or tomorrow not sure depends on the delivery company I know it would have been sent so I guess I just have to be patience & wait lol


Micki said...

I know that blog and it is a lovely one. It is nice of you to tell everyone about it. Have fun with your new machine! Your potholders are in the mail, and I hope that you like them.

jan said...

Gracious me, everyone is doing pot holders now. I have never seen so many of them. I wonder if you will get a sock swap, that could be fun for all you knitters.
lol Jan x

searchfamilies said...

Hi Micki
Yes seems we spreading the word lol
Hugs Janice

searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan
I am on a knitting group that does dishcloths/facecloths & there a few on there that do socks plus i am on sock groups not done a sock swap as such but did a swap which i got some sock yarn
Hugs Janice