Saturday, 6 June 2009

Swaps Received

Below is a package I received yesterday from a knitting swap I was in this is from Canada from Pat it took over a month to arrive I guess it was on that slow boat from China & wanted to see more of the world lol

I received a dishcloth (that the must part of the swap) also a lovely scarf a little bag some some & some lacey doilies, also some soap & fridge magnets, Thank Pat for all these wonderful things.

Also yesterday I received my potholder swaps from Micki who is a American living in Ireland you can go to her blog which is great it at

The potholders above are a Christmas Theme Fabrics this was what I requested for my fabric well nothing like getting ready for the big event lol she also sent me some fabric & a lollipop so if I shave my hair & put it in my mouth I can be like Kojac " Who Luvs You Baby" lol

These packages came on a good day as after going shopping I had to go down to Houghton Regis which is in Bedfordshire to see the headstone which had gone back on my parent's Grave as had my mum's details added to it so while I am pleased that everything is now settled it is still sad that both have gone.

I went to see my two brothers to let them know that the headstone is now back & to give them details ect of final accounts of my mum's estate not that there really was a estate but that how they say it the headstone does look very nice & it was nice seeing my brothers as I don't always see them when I go down.


  1. Hi Janice,
    glad to hear you have your mum's headstone sorted at last.
    How strange you and Ros both got Micki for your swap partner. Small world eh!
    lol Jan x

  2. It is a small world getting Ros and you at the same time. I was just thinking of that yesterday. Glad that you like the potholders and you were a great buddy to have.
    Now, I have a new friend!By the way, I would have liked seeing you suck on that lollypop.LOL

  3. Hi Jan
    I got Micki from my quilting group swap & Micki & Ros was from Khris's swap which also paired us up.
    Yes am glad that the headstone is now back on
    Hugs Janice

  4. Hi Micki
    Great chatting to you, i will have to have the lollypop when we next chat but will i be talking with it in my mouth lol
    Hugs Janice


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