Sunday, 31 May 2009


Well here are the Potholders/Hotpads I been working on, I done 2 for each person so they will be getting one of each pattern, one is larger than the other if you like to see them larger click on picture & a new window with them in should open.
The one on the Left which has the half triangles is called Afternoon Shadows the one on the right is called Dessert Party both are from a book called 101 Fun-to Quilt Pot Holders by Trice Boerens this is a American School of needlework I got my copy from Amazon UK I know that you can get it at other places depending which country you live in
These will be going to my swap partners one who in Cornwall (UK) the other set will be going to Ireland just hope they like them.
I am not sure what I will start on next have a list of things I want to do just depends on which I choose I do also have some blocks I need to do before I go to the quilting group have to remember to do them.
While I was doing these everything going well until the binding I managed to break 2 needles & was having a lot of trouble but at least I finished them.
I cleaned the machine & put in a new bobbin of thread I think it may be the end of the other one that wasn't helping isn't it always the way that the machine will act up at the worst time if you doing blocks it not so bad but working near the finish don't help lol
We are still having beautiful weather here, tomorrow is my DH birthday so we been out today to get him some good screwdrivers which he wanted well not much else I can get him lol at least now if I need something doing he have some good screwdrivers to screw the screws in lol


  1. They look good Janice, I am sure your swap partners will be pleased to receive them. They are always handy after all. You made a good job of them too me dear. No worries there. See you soon, am thinking of what we can do in June. Hmmmmmm
    lol Jan xx

  2. Thanks Jan
    I hope June is not too far out the box lol
    Hugs Janice

  3. I don't know which two I am getting, but they are all lovely. I really enjoyed reading your posts. and I will be following your blog.
    All the best! Thanks again for being my partner!

    PS: By the way, I love making socks too!

  4. Hi Micki
    You would be getting one of each i hope you will like them.
    Yes socks can be nice to do especially when watching TV
    Hugs Janice

  5. Janice, we are nowhere near the box hahahaha, no its a nice straight forward one this time. Promise!
    lol Jan x

  6. Hi Jan
    So i will hold you to that it will be straight forward lol
    Hugs Janice


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