Saturday, 20 June 2009

What a Day & Look at What I Got

Well it certainly be a day, First it was the meeting of the Quilting Group this is run by a lady call Jan She has a blog Jan's Musing well we met after being paired up in a Friends Swap run by Sew Prim Khris & it turned out we live about 15 miles apart.
Well I had given her package last meeting this meeting she gave me mine & boy was I spoilt

F = Frame Foto of Friends ( a photo we had taken last meeting) & Fabrications for Fun this is a magazine called Fabrication

R= Rainbow Reels of Thread

I- Inspirational Magazine (a Knitting magazine)

E- Easy to Remember (a notepad in a hand-made wallet) Embellishments for making a easy Postcard (not sure as to the easy part never done them)

N- Need a Button a pincushion covered on one side with buttons which you can take off if you need them & it has legs

D= Don't put your feet in the pockets well it was a beautiful Quillow this a pillow/cushion that you can open up to a lap quilt it so beautiful

S= Shopping Tote for a Shopaholic

As you can see I was so spoilt the quilt on it own would have done but all the other goodies Thank You Jan (You may have to click on older post to see all the letters)

While at the group we did two blocks which you can see I enjoyed doing these & must say they looked better from a distance I know that Jan will have photos of them on her blog with more blocks that other ladies did.

On a downside to the day I received a phone call to say that my DBIL had been taken ill he now in hospital not sure what is wrong with him at present we will go down tomorrow to see him unless we hear that we need to go down before.


  1. Hi Janice,
    it was my pleasure to give you those bits and pieces.
    I do hope your Brother in Law is going to be OK I know youwere very concerned during the day, bless you. Do let me know. lol Jan x

  2. All sounds wonderful and yes you were spoilt...but its nice to be spoilt hey...dont forget we want to see a thoughts are with you and your family....hugs Khris

  3. ooopsss I mised the pics below the quilting blocks...LOL...sorry about that...well done girls...hugs Khris


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