Monday, 15 June 2009

New Week & Link to Give-Away

It the beginning of another week, the year is flying by so quick it didn't do this when we was kids & it seems to go so slow when we are waiting for something lol

Here is a link to another give-away do look well worth it you can go to

I have finished the socks I was doing these are the same as the ones below same yarn just a different colour shows how different colours can make a pair look

I am trying to lose weight & have been for some time now, well not done as well as I hoped this week only lost a quarter of a pound I thought I would lose more oh well there is always next week.

I am not dieting as such just eating healthy & cutting down on portions plus eating less carbs just have to be more patience something I am not known for lol


  1. ohhh I see you made another pair of socks for me Janice...LOL...hugs Khris

  2. Thanks Khris
    I posting this still not sure how it comes in as a e-mail
    Hugs Janice


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