Saturday, 20 June 2009



  1. just found your blog via a twitter tweet. LOVE The music!!! I too enjoy crafting and once began a blog about it AND my genealogy. Well, my research took off and I started another blog about my genealogy. I enjoyed the quilt photos here - I've always wanted to quilt and actually tried it many years ago. I'm a stasher of art/craft/sewing supplies and an avid family researcher, loving all things to do with both crafting and genealogy. I cannot wait to see more on your blog! cheers!

  2. I too love crafting and genealogy. Right now I'm doing up some designs using my family history images and mod podging them onto 4x4 cereamic tiles for coasters
    For summer I've completed designs 16 to a page on the history of our RV park and having the same as a craft event for the kids to do up. I have templates to share.
    Barb Ashcroft

  3. Hi Barb

    The site you mentions is undergoing maintance at present

    I love history so i guess that Genealogy is just a natural progression.

    What sort of templates do you have

    Hugs Janice


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