Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's Back

Well around 3 yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang & it was the friendly parcelman he had my Brother BM2600, so the shop had sent it back so I unpacked it & gave it a try & yes it working fine, I believe it just needed setting which I wasn't going to do, in fact I am going to take a photo of it so I will have the settings for when I do have to change the stitches, it a nice machine just not as easy to figure out as my own machine I have or even the last 2 but may be I am just getting old & things don't sink in so well lol
I have finished 1 sock & am up to the heel flap on the 2nd sock that I am working on, I have ordered some more sock yarn, I get this from a lovely lady in Germany we have had a few hic-cups so e-mails have been going back & forth but I managed to pay her this morning, I ordered some of the lovely yarn I already have plus a few balls of ones I not tried so I can see how they compare.
I plan to try to spend this morning after cutting some squares sewing the block on the new machine just so I can get use to the feel of it as I said before this is a machine I will be taking to Quilting Group more than using it all the time but I still needed it to be user friendly for me that why I went for this as it is a top loading bobbin I found that I struggle with front loading ones it my old hands don't want to do what I want them to lol
On other news my DH found in a charity shop a small exercise bike so we got that as I am trying to lose weight have big amount to lose so I need all the help I can get lol we had ordered a walking machine but after getting the bike cancel it & we saved over £100 the bike when he got it wouldn't tighten on the seat locking screw but he sorted it & as I say it old but for what I want it to do I am more than pleased & it only cost £3 so that can't be bad.


  1. Congrats on the machine and enjoy using it!

  2. WOW Janice, fantastic, bet I wont recognise you after being on your new machine, exercise one I mean. Looking forward to seeing the new sewing machine next week, can I have a go? Good idea to take a piccy so you remember. Glad it all got sorted for you in the end. lol Jan

  3. Thanks Jan
    Of course you can have a go in fact i will insist like to have a second opinion anyway
    No you recognise me i the fat one lol but hope in 6 months or so it won't be the case
    I have tried the machine out by doing the charity block you gave the green squares for, i will also be bring some blocks that i have had sent to me or made that can go for your charity quilts
    Hugs Janice


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