Wednesday, 3 June 2009


My Machine has been picked up I am not sure if i should order another machine from them I am thinking of a silver Viscount 2021 or should I look at a store which is more expensive or at least you don't get the 15 year warranty.
Our weather has really changed & it much cooler with lower temperatures & no sun it very cloudy
I am still working on the first sock of a pair I am doing for DH hope to finish today or tomorrow at the latest then start the next sock as I have to wait in again tomorrow for another parcel to be picked up I am getting some knitting time


  1. Congrats on getting the machine! Have fun with it, and I am dying to see the socks you are knitting.

  2. Hi Micki
    Well i don't have a machine now it went back, i am not sure what i am doing yet about the machine.
    I am up to the toe shaping on the first sock so should have that finished today & the 2nd one started
    Hugs Janice

  3. Good for you for sending it back Janice, I hope they didnt cause a fuss about it. Good luck with your search for a new one, another new one that is.
    Maybe a local shop would be better, depends what you are after really, a bog standard or all singing and dancing one. ??????
    lol Jan x

  4. Hi Jan
    I not heard from the shop yet but know they received it so will wait for a bit i did ask for a refund.
    I am not wanting too fancy one i am hoping to get it sorted for the next quilting group meeting but if not will have to bring my machine just well strap it in so it can't get damaged traveling
    Hugs Janice


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