Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Socks

Here is the pair of socks that I started the other day, I finished them last night am well pleased with these, the yarn was called Twister & as you see it comes in blocks of colour then a a little random pattern & they nearly a perfect match which is an achievement in it self, I hope to do another pair possible in the same yarn just different colour as I still have a few balls left.

I have ordered some sock yarn from Germany from a very nice lady called Christine, we did have a few problems with the site as it not all been translated in to English but between us we managed to see what I wanted if you like to look at her yarn then here her web page
or if you go to her shop on ebay which may be easier to figure out it at
if you get anything do mention that I recommend you so she will know how you found her.

I am getting some of the Emotion Yarn, & also Harlekin & Sports yarn the Emotion yarn I have had before & love the other two yarns is more to see how they compare & if I like them as much.


Khris said...

ohhh these are lovely Janice...well them...hugs Khris

searchfamilies said...

Thanks Khris
Hugs Janice

jan said...

How fantastic are they, the pattern evolves itself, wow if only I had had that when the girls were small. Wouldnt they have had some great jumpers...not all plain. hahaha lol Jan x

Robyn said...

Dear Janice :D
Hi :D Your socks are gorgeous!! I was at the Sydney Quilt show yesterday touching all the beautiful wools and I even took 2 balls home for my crocheted hexies.
We did see the 'self patterned' wool..I thought it was a amazing.
Thanks for commenting on my bright sunshiny day and my hexies.
Glad you popped by.
Robyn xx

searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan
These yarns remind me a little of the 1930s/40s sweaters that you see on TV in a film or what ever but they were all done with different yarns these are much easier & like you anything that is easier lol
If i was one for knitting large items on 4ply or double knit i may be very tempted to get some for a garment but i am more a Aran thickness or thicker type knitter as i like to start & then get it finished quickly lol
Hugs Janice

searchfamilies said...

Thanks Robyn
How nice to go to a big quilt show apart from the yarn did you get a lot of stuff for quilting, here a question for you do you find that you get good bargains at a show compared to other places you may buy stuff from
Hugs Janice

Robyn said...

Hi again Janice... in answer to your question..yep I did 'get' a few precious items... but they're alll teeny like beads and embroidery ribbons and such.
I do think I get bargains at the show, for 2 reasons...mmmm maybe 3.
1. I am there...that's a bargain in itself.
2. I find things there that I can't find elsewhere.
3. I don't tend to buy many things regularly...only what I really need :D

Could you please email me so that I have your email and can reply that way? thanks!
Robyn xx

searchfamilies said...

Hi Robyn
I have e-mailed you
Hugs Janice

Micki said...

Your socks are lovely! What a great job! I just love the colours!

searchfamilies said...

Thanks Micki
Yes they are a nice colour, i doing another pair which is not too bad either they are blues in their colour
Hugs Janice

Maggie and Mitch said...

You sockies are just beautiful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

searchfamilies said...

Hi Maggie & Mitch
Thanks for your nice comments on my socks
Hugs Janice