Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Not a Happy Bunny

I am not a happy bunny this afternoon, the sewing machine came so unpacked it & started to sew & it didn't sew very well, in fact some of it came undone so I have phoned them saying to take it back had a few words with them shall we say anyway they are collecting it tomorrow & I am hoping for a full refund if not I will be having a arguement with them but I will wait & see what happens.
I think I will go to a shop & test some out before I buy I had used this shop before & was more than happy with them only reason I wanting another machine is to take to quilting group anyway I will let you know what happens


Robyn said...

Dear Janice,
Thanks for popping by and good luck in my giveaway!! :D
Firstly, sorry about your machine, I hope you get is sorted real quick!!

Would you please email me on daisyquilts at rocketmail dot com as you are set to no reply.
Thanks heaps!!
Robyn xx

searchfamilies said...

Hi Robyn
Thanks i just don't seem to be very lucky with machines i had problems before i got the one i have now, just am hoping i don't have too much trouble getting the money back.
I have e-mailed you so you should have received it by now, how do i change my setting then still learning this blogging thing lol
Hugs Janice

jan said...

Janice I think you go into Settings and change it in there, just keep clicking on them all til you find the email bit. lol Jan x