Sunday, 29 June 2008

Introduction to my Blog

Welcome to this first posting, I live in a village in Northamptonshire in the UK
I decided to create a blog after a lot of other people seem to be doing it.
I do knitting, Quilting & Genealogy, I use to knit a lot mostly by machine but with lack of space plus hand trouble I had to give it up & then hand knitting also had to be given up due to hand problems.
I have just finished my first large knitting project in several years as I have not knitted anything since my hand operation back in 2005 & I been doing a few dishcloths using the American cotton such as Sugar 'N' Crème or Peaches 'N' Crème plus I have done a couple of pairs of socks, two needle ones & tubular ones not manage to be able to do ones with heels in as yet.
I have just started on the 2nd Aran sweater which is in a baby Aran yarn in peach colour I am doing it in the same pattern as I did the 1st one which was for my 97 year old mum.
I also do quilting but am very much a novice & while I have done some quilts I am learning all the time.
My other hobby is Genealogy I love researching the family history & finding out where I came from & if there are any family skeletons in the cupboard, I do have a bigamist in the family but as this was mid 1800s no need to go & tell the law lol I have not got any rich or famous relatives well none I have found they come from good old working stock & have been servants & general labourers my Grandfather won some medals in World War 1 & went on to become boxing trainer to his regiment who won the All India Inter-Regiment Tournament in 1920 he was with the Kings Royal Rifle Corp & was in India 1920/21
I hope that I will share what knitting, quilting & family research I am doing as well how life is going in the UK thank you reading this

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