Thursday, 27 November 2008

Greg's Camouflage Socks

Well I have finished my DH's 2nd pair of socks these are more like commando socks with the camouflage colouring lol I use a 4 ply yarn it called Twister it yarn I got from Germany it knits up nice & is good length for a 100g ball.
I think I may have enough over to do a small adults pair of socks so may do myself a pair at a later date.
Not sure what is next on the needles, had to laugh as I took the socks to take the photo & then went back in to the sitting room with them & DH said well can I have MY socks back they are mine lol this is someone who is not bothered if I knitted him a pair or not lol, I do think I will stick to plain colours for him while he will wear these & another colour in same yarn I know he much prefers plain colours so it depends on if I can get the colours in sock yarn at a good price as it does seem that this self-patterning type yarn is much more available or at least where I am looking on the net, if I do find some then it does tend to be much more expensive.


  1. Love the socks, the yarn is fab! I need some of that for my DH

  2. The socks turned out great Janice. You've come a long way since making that first pair.

  3. Janice i just looooove these socks...


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