Saturday, 13 September 2008

My First Knitted Heel Sock

I have finished my first sock with a heel that you knit as you are doing it, I have only in the past done tubular or 2 Needle ones which you sew up the heel I used 6ply Regia yarn, I had started using the pattern from Coats Crafts which is a free pattern for Regia yarn but when it came to the heel I just couldn't understand it & was going to give up it was as if little green men had written the pattern lol so i was going to do a tubular one so while looking at patterns I had printed off I found one that I could understand, & it used the same number of stitches that I had used on my one anyway so I could carry on the photo is the result.
I been to see my mum today & took her the shawl I knitted her & she loved it so I have to do more for her but will see if I can find a different pattern more of a wrap type but we see. She did ask to see her jumper again that is in her wardrobe & she even commented about me lending her the pattern to knit one but i don't think she would really be able to not now after all she is 97 & has trouble holding things but it would be nice as I remember her always knitting & she still was up to about a year or less ago


  1. Your sock looks fantastic! Great job!

  2. bright and warm looking...hugs Khris

  3. oh my goodness Janice ,that is one terrific looking sock..glad your mom loved the shawl but hey who wouldn't,take care
    cheers Vickie

  4. Wonderful job on the sock! I hope the second one goes easier and faster for you.
    And what a gorgeous Aran sweater! I'd love your pattern sometime!

  5. Hurry up missy..where is the other one..I am still hopping..LMAO
    Hugs Khris


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