Sunday, 2 November 2008

Special Olympic Scarf

I have finished the scarf for the special Olympics details can be found at I like to thank my friend Karen who was kind enough to send me the yarn as we don't get this over here in the UK so it not just my efforts it her's as well.
I don't know if many of you find the smaller items seem to take longer to do than say a adults garment for the size i am not sure if it just me who may be don't knit as much if i am working on a smaller item rather than a adults or even a child's jacket.

I heard on Friday that my Niece is expecting again so i will be a Great Aunt yet again i am in fact a Great Great aunt makes me sound so old lol i am of course also a Grandmother & will be off to see them tomorrow (Monday 3rd)

Here in the UK on Wednesday is Bonefire Night also know as Guy Fawkes this is where he & others in 1605 tried to blow up our Houses of Parliament you can read more at now as kids we use to make a Guy this is a like a scarecrow & in days before the 5th of November we would be in the street saying Penny for the Guy & with all the money we collected we could buy our fireworks or more if our parents had got us some, i have not seen kids doing this for Many Years now but i know that i use to enjoy it it was fun it was a time when things were safer & innocent now everyone says it begging but if i saw children doing i give them a little something but i don't think a Penny would go far not like when i was a kid lol

I am hoping to make a start on my next knitting project this afternoon possible my DH socks to see how they come out it will be in some black 4 ply yarn & i will let you know how they go

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  1. Awesome Scarf! I printed the pattern a while ago. I just got the blue yarn from and I am looking forward to making one! You did a great job.


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