Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Winter Jacket/Coat Finished

Well I have just finished my winter Jacket/coat this morning I just put on the buttons. i am sort of pleased with it the yarn wasn't as nice as i hoped it was not the sort that was well twisted so had to be careful when knitting with it & even sewing up but it done which i am glad of.It taken longer than i expected but having 3 of my grandchildren here for a few weeks & my daughter for a week it cut in to my knitting.I hope to get started on a shawl for my mum today i will use the remainder of the peach Aran yarn i use for my Aran sweater so it will be warm for her the pattern comes from the Knitted Prayer Shawls pattern book which i got off e-pattern central it has pockets each side so it should be handy but i will wait to do the pockets until i finish the shawl as you never know being that i am using a different yarn well i can't get most of the yarns that USA get here in the UK i have to substitute yarns.

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  1. Janice what a lovely colour. Well done getting it finished. Wish I could knit like that. Hugs Khris in Oz


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