Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all who celebrate it, as I am a Brit & in the UK may be we should celebrate losing you lol
I hope to finish the back of the Aran sweater today if so it would have taken a week to do the back I hope then to have at least the rib done on the front done as well by tonight.
our weather is not too bad today with it being a sunny start but then it rain for the next four days if the forecasters have it right, as well that I don't have any plans for the week-end.
I am doing some of the boring stuff first thing this morning laundry, vacuum, sorting out something for dinner this evening then it will be leg up & knit, I am not sure what it is but back of leg is hurting like I have over stretched or something.
I am getting a couple of dishcloth knitting books so I can do some dishcloths I do use the cotton such as Sugar'N'Creme that is available in America I belong to a group & have been lucky enough that when I done swaps that I have had some sent to me so while I can't get it here in the UK & I can't just go in to the shops like they do in the USA to pick my colours I do have some lovely colours, I guess now it back to boring old housework have a good day

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Vickie said...

gee I sure hope your leg is ok....hope to see a pic of the sweater when you have finished,anyways just thought I'd write something so you knew someone was reading your blog,
cheers Vickie