Wednesday, 22 July 2009

So Proud

I am so proud of my husband Greg he has made this greenhouse from stratch, we had ordered one but when it arrived there was parts missing 2 weeks on still no parts so we told them they can have it back.

He was a welder & said I can make one at least the wind won't blow it down lol so he ordered the metal & welded up each section of the frame then bolted it together he said just in case he has to dismantle it lol

Then we ordered some twin poly sheets these are what is used for conservatories but not as thick it only 6mm but being twin it will be hotter than just single glass or perpexs

It has taken him a while to do it & he been in a lot of pain while doing it but I am so proud of him as I think it looks great, the photos are one is a close up of it & the other is from our front gate down the side of the bungalow you can see our entrance on the side & the wall with a road on the other side we don't really have a back garden so this was the best place to put it as it gets a lot of sun it approx 7ft by 4ft this is another reason he built it because most greenhouses are 6 by 6 min one may be 6 by 4 but then it goes up by 2 at a time.


  1. Your husband did a FANTASTIC job of the greenhouse! If only my husband was that handy!

  2. What a great greenhouse! Congratulations to Greg.

  3. Great stuff Greg, look forward to seeing what you grow in it now. lol Jan xx

  4. Love the greenhouse and congrats to Greg!

  5. wow, I love it, I've always wanted a greenhouse.


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