Thursday, 30 July 2009

Shh Don't Tell I got more Fabric

The 40 Novelty FQs
Below is the Thimbleberries fabric
Well it a little like Christmas here when I got back from shopping the mail man had left me two packages of fabric that I got on Sunday, & it arrived today Thursday so very quick from the USA. I got my favourite fabrics Thimbleberries the package was 10 yards of 1 yard cuts this works out including postage under £4 a yard. I also got 40 novelty FQs okay some are not as nice as others but each one is really what someone's taste is so they will get used in projects or if I send out FQs as a swap or something else this is why I also get them again a really good buy as I think they come out at around £0.75p each with postage again. I am also waiting on from the UK the Thimbleberries book by Lynnette Jensen "In Celebration of Quilting" I ordered it from Amazon but on their New & Used section so it works out around £8 cheaper with postage than if I ordered it from Amazon & it is still coming from the UK so looking forward to that arriving Now with the packaging being left for when we got back from shopping, DH did say what the package so I just said FQs so he went off to do what he was doing he not said much yet, have to get it put away before he does lol


  1. What fun! Now you can plan what to do with all of the fabric!

  2. Ohhhhh Janice, I'm telling....hahaha go girl, you can never have too much fabric. lol Jan x


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