Tuesday, 21 July 2009

VQM Fabric I Got & A Question for You All

I have received in the mail this morning some fabric that I purchased from Ebay it is 12 half yard cuts (24 fat quarters) Virginia Quilt Museum Reproduction prints from Quilting Treasures as you can see from the photo very nice fabric & I got it as a nice bargain.

Do any of you who buy FQs find that you get stuck as to what to use them for, when I first started to buy fabric I did get a lot of FQs thinking that I would have a good & varied range of fabrics but of course I found that while I did have that I didn't have enough of the same ones to do large projects.

So what do you all do with your FQs use them in just very small projects or one off blocks or just a couple of blocks, may be if they are in the same range just different colours you use them by doing different coloured blocks to go in to a quilt or a larger project I would be very interested in hearing your views on how you use your FQs & even your stash plus how you decide on a project.

I am finally starting on some placemats that I have been wanting to do for myself, it has taken I don't know how long to come up with a block that will be nice in them I had looked at some ready done patterns but nothing jumped out at me so in the end I have picked out a block Aunt Eliza's Star to go in to my placemats & I have designed it on the EQ6 you will be seeing the results when they are finished as I am now off to start cutting all the pieces for these & no I can't use FQs as I need a little over a quarter of a yard of the smallest amount seeing I am doing 4 placemats I had hoped I could use some of those FQs lol


  1. I have projects waiting in my head, so when I see a fat quarter or piece of material that I think I could use in the future projects I get it.
    I have only bought 4 fat quarters that I've gotten home with and said: "What did I buy that for?" ,.... which is lucky!

  2. I love the FQs...I buy them as I need them for a project. I enjoy getting so many fabrics at a time in various colours.

  3. Janice, I buy FQ's also, and use them in most of my projects, but I am a "scrap" quilter - so if the block calls for three colors, I will use three diff. fabrics of each color. That way, I use up my stash. For instance, in the green and pink one, I would probably use 2-3 dk. greens, one lt. green, and a few different pinks. I like the way it looks, and it keeps it interesting for me.

  4. I love fat quarters, they are a great way to make your stash grow, its amazing what you can do with them too, if you get stuck Janice, there are a lot of books on the market specifically for using fat quarters. Or google 'quilts with fat quarters', then have fun. lol Jan x

  5. OOPS, forgot to say love that fabric, dead jealous now. xxxx

  6. I love fat quarters. My hubs calls them fat boys. lol If i'm buying them for myself I always buy at least two of each.


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