Saturday, 18 July 2009

Blocks I did at my Quilting Group

Today was my Quilting Group day I had the templates for cutting the fabric to take with me so off I went this morning to the group.

The first one I had to do after getting the assemble instructions was to sew it the block was Martha Washington Star this one is the two fabric block (Orange & Brown) I didn't mind doing this okay practice makes perfect well that never going to happen no matter how long I practice lol

This afternoon's one well that is the 4 fabric one (2 Greens & 2 Pinks) & is called Stars over Tennessee Well I do like the block very much as long as I don't have to do it if I had been at home I would have thrown it in to the bin lol

When I came home & showed DH & said about it he said well you have to practice it more lol

The day was very enjoyable as usual & I am learning a lot so I don't mind if I am doing blocks or something else it all helps me learn how to do what I don't know & believe me I know very little lol
If you go to Jans Musings from around Sunday onwards you may get to see some of the blocks that some of the other members did


  1. I love your blocks! Glad that you had such an enjoyable day!

  2. Hi Janice,
    Oh what an eventful day that was. Phew, I am shattered. So much to take in. Pleased you enjoyed it me dear, just sorry we didn't get to have a chat, too much going on!!! or not!!!!
    Hey, you tell your hubby from me, you are the tops, first finished and only been coming a short time.
    Way to go Janice. I think your blocks are fab myself.
    lol Jan xx

  3. Those blocks are awesome! Well done. I love the green/pink one.

  4. I love your blocks. Since seeing them, I've been searching the web for the Stars over Tennessee pattern. Unfortunately, I can't find it, but I've always got your beautiful picture as a guide if I decide I want to make it. Glad you had such a productive and fun day.


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