Friday, 17 July 2009

Received Lovely Surprises

Well today is my birthday & I received in the mail this beautiful postcard from my friend Janet of Jans Musing Thank you so much Jan, it fact it has drawn a lot of attention so my postman said he had said that everyone in the sorting office was commenting on it & how nice it was & how they not seen one like this before so you were talked about at the post office lol
My DH Greg came in with a cup of tea this morning I was still in bed then when I was up he had said that he had done me a fresh fruit salad with yoghurt, I don't eat much breakfast so he did this & it was lovely.
While writing this the parcelman just pulled up & I had a package & inside I had this lovely Teddy from well I always say a sort of cousin as one of her ancestors married one of mine so my friend/cousin Lesley has sent me this teddy so I am doing well for my birthday Greg had given me money which I put to getting my Brother Sewing Machine the other month so I can take it to my quilting group each month & I will be going tomorrow so will be able to thank Jan in person as well
I am waiting on my eldest son Karl to come with my youngest Grandson Benjamin also my other son Stuart may be coming so will get to see some of the children my other child is my daughter Donna wouldn't be that surprised if she makes it as well


  1. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chick!
    I hope you have an awesome day.

  2. Hope you had a good day Janice.
    lol Jan x


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