Friday, 3 July 2009

Quilts Finished

I have managed to finish the 2 quilts I had been working on the tops were done but now all finished ready to be given to my 2 Great Nieces I wanted to wait to I finished both as they are sisters didn't want one waiting you know what kids are like lol
The top Quilt I call Stepping out it has Victorian Shoes/boots & scent bottles & bags with a 4 patch also the other one is a Thimbleberries fabric quilt I used for the blocks FQs but for the 2nd colour, borders & sashing I used yardage that I have.

We have had some very hot weather in the last few days today it been raining so it is cooler outside but still hot inside & having to get the ironing board out to do some pressing on the last quilt didn't help, well not unless I have sweated some pounds off then I would really be happy lol
I am hoping to start on some small project items rather than larger ones such as quilts, do any of you find that you may need something but you are the last on the list, I could do with doing some placemats & have needed them for a while I do have bought glass ones but want some quilted one yet I still haven't got around to doing them so may be I will now lol
Well for all those who are celebrating Independence Day Happy 4th July I still think us Brits should get it as a holiday as well I mean you did get Independence's from us lol if your not celebrating it hope everyone still has a good week-end


  1. The quilts are gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!


  2. Thanks Micki
    I am please to see them done the tops have been done for a year something i never do as i don't start a new project to the old one is finished but these were for a challenge so no one in mind that how come they sat around at least they done & i can think of new quilts when i want to do a larger project
    Hugs Janice

  3. Well done Janice, I look foward to seeing this soon, don't post them yet. Bring to the Showtime. lol Jan x

  4. Both very pretty quilts! Well done of completing them both .. I'm sure your G.Nieces will love them.


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