Wednesday, 1 July 2009

New Month

Well it the 1st of July today less than half way to Christmas, most of us don't start thinking of Christmas until at least the summer is over & some until the shops start to plug it or if your really bad not until it upon us lol

Well I have started a scarf it nothing fancy I am letting the yarn do it for me it a soft yarn called Cuddles I have two different colours so will be doing 2 scarves one in each colour one is a Dusty Rose & the one I have started is a sort of Purple these are for presents, I have done 2 other scarves if you look way back in my earlier post in January I did one in a different yarn yes I had started to think about Christmas way back then lol

I had a bit of a problem with my eye the other day I think I had scratched it when either it was itchy or something went in it & I had started to rub it for the rest of that day & evening it played up it seems okay now but I hadn't done any sewing as I found the computer looking at it makes it water so sewing seeing the needle going up & down don't help so left sewing alone.

Our TV went wrong the other day, we had the quote & it being done & will be back this evening after 6 but since that has gone wrong we had to fetch the little TV in from the bedroom well we have saterlite which we have in our sitting room but also the signal goes to the bedroom well that for some reason has started to act up also the signal via the aerial not sure what happening we given up trying to sort it out this morning will try later may have to wait to the TV is back so we can have that up & running first.

As i said it is the 1st of July I thought I would share a Angel of the month with you so the picture is of the July Guardian Angel may you take her with you as you go on your way so have a great month everyone

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  1. Hi Janice, she will be with me in my thoughts. Bad luck on the TV, there is always something isnt there!


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