Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A New Give-Away

There is a fantistic Give-away at Simple This That and The Other I love the Table Top & Runner you can see in the photo This is not my work but what is on the ladies blog I am sitting here drooling over it lol
There are such wonderful blogs around & the work that the people produce it so nice, I know you are not suppose to be envious of people but I am well not quite envious but in awe that there are so many talented ladies & men out there & hope that I will get somewhere half as close with my work.
Just to show what I am saying I was working on the placemats & as you may know I am still very much a novice well I thought I should shorten the stitch size for my quilting which is stitch in the ditch well I did one & was on the 2nd it was a bit hard going compared to how it normally does so thought it may be the bobbin or the thread, well the needle broke & so turned the machine off changed it turn the machine back on & started to sew I then after a little bit realised I hadn't changed the stitch size down as it went to it set on but it was going so much easier so I learnt that I didn't need to go down in stitch size & finished the 2nd one & the following 2 nearly as quick as it took to do the one & half of the first two now I know I am a bit thick & boy did it show feel like a kid who needs to go back & learn lol

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  1. Good Luck! Thank you for liking my project and entering to win it! ;o) ooxx`jodi


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