Tuesday, 19 May 2009

This & That for Today

Today I am cutting fabric for my hotpads (potholders) for a swap I have to do 2 for each person I have & I have 2 people to do for so 4 to do in all.
I am hoping to sew them tomorrow as I do find cutting is backaching so have to pace myself.

On a different note a friend I went to school with & haven't seen for well over 20 years, we have been in contact for the last few years but not met up well she plus some other girls I went to school with are meeting up on Saturday for a meal & so I will be travelling down for that it should be good fun & there a lot to catch up on as it 40 years this year since we left school so not seen some since then.


jan said...

Risking the computer Janice, hope you had a lovely meeting with your friend. lol Jan x
Ive not forgotten you but this b thing keeps shutting down as and when it wishes.

searchfamilies said...

Hi Jan
Yes had a great time, really enjoyed myself.
Hope you soon get the computer sorted
Hugs Janice