Sunday, 3 May 2009

Log Cabin Blocks

Well I have not been doing much sewing this past week the blocks for my Log Cabin which will be for home not as a gift, are done here are 4 of the 30 blocks i have done as my DH doesn't like anything heavy I will be not using wadding/batting in this but have ordered some fleece to back it with so it will be soft, light yet warm.
I have to put all the blocks in to the top & add some bordered but haven't done any of that yet hope to start that later in the week.
I have done another pair of trainer/sports socks for DH i did them & while the way the colour pattern has come out I don't like this don't seem so consistent but DH did say about having some more as he had shop bought ones & they have shrunk so he asked me to do another pair out of the yarn as these are not seen he not too worried but did say he have plain/solid colours for his socks that he would wear with shoes & under trousers
I have decided to get a couple of books so I can do a bit of reading something relaxing in the evenings when I don't want to knit or my hands are giving trouble, i have ordered A Tryst in Time by Eugenia Riley it a romantic time travel one which I love, I have also order a couple of other Time Travel Romance ones as well, I am just a big softy at heart lol

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jan said...

Love the colours for this Log Cabin, it is going to be great when you have finished them all. Keep at it, soon be done....Jan