Sunday, 17 May 2009

Log Cabin Quilt

Well I finished my DH quilt below is him holding it up not that you know who is holding it up & above is the quilt laid on the bed for me to take a photo not that the photos are very good

It has fleece on the back & no wadding(batting) as it for a light weight but warm to the touch when under it am rather pleased with it not so keen on doing such a large quilt with fleece backing but on the whole it came out fairly well


  1. Your new quilt looks great, Janice.

  2. Whoa Janice, that is one good looking Quilt, well done indeed to you. Love the colours. :-) Don't put yourself or your work down, I wont have it, now I know you and your work you wont be allowed to say that sort of thing anymore. lol Jan xx
    You should have seen my knitting, now that..............

  3. Thanks Jan
    Your too kind.
    I don't think i want to do another large one with fleece as backing i think a small one wouldn't be too bad.
    Hugs Janice


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