Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ordered a New Sewing Machine

I have ordered a new sewing machine today it is a Brother BM2600 you can see it at this link

I am getting a free carrying bag with it & I also ordered a quarter inch seam foot so I am set for my quilting group this is the one I went to for the first time earlier this month, my DH is giving me half the money so it not so expensive as if I had to pay for it all

I do have a sewing machine which you can see at this link

But being it a more expensive machine I don't want to be transporting it around just in case it gets damage.

I been working on some hotpads/potholders & just have to finish the binding tomorrow for them to be done then I can get them in to the mail early next week as they are for a swap i am involved in I have to Mid July to post but sooner the better.

We are having a lovely spell of nice sunny warm weather here in the UK which is nice more like a summer's day lets hope we get a good summer this year.


jan said...

Hi Janice,
that looks a really neat little machine, perfect for you at the class. Well done on a great bargain there. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh very soon. lol Jan x

searchfamilies said...

Thanks Jan
Yes am pleased, the sales guy did say he thought that Brother was better said i wouldn't want the others after having this so we see i really didn't want to spend as much as i have but it has features that i really could do with such as top loading & neeedle threader so am please especially as i will be able to have it serviced each year for nothing.
Hugs Janice