Monday, 20 April 2009

Log Cabin Quilt Finished

Well the Log Cabin is finished the photo is slightly lopsided but I am not great at taking photos & wanted one with it being held up rather than laid on the bed.

I used for the first time some double sided tape to help with the binding as I really struggle if i have to do any hand work all my work has to be done by sewing machine & with each project I learn a little bit more so by the time I am 100 I should know how to do one properly lol

I hope to take it down to my Niece for her son this week & I hope that she will like it


  1. Wow Janice, you've put together a lovely quilt with your swap blocks. Fantastic quilt for a boy :-)

  2. That is just super Janice, well done, I love the Log Cabin pattern it has to be one of my Jan

  3. What a beautiful quilt!!

  4. Thanks for all your kind comnents
    Hugs Janice


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