Sunday, 6 May 2018

Post Surgery

Well the surgery in March got cancelled so had it in early April I ws in hospital for 4 days
I had a lot of the Lymph fluid draining out so much so was changing the dressing up to 6 times a day even had to get my DH up at 2 in the morning to change it & another day having a shower at 4.30am it has slowed down now so it not needing to be changed so many times.
Well the good news is that the Lymph Nodes came back clear so as my eldest son says I am in remission not clear.
Me I don't care what you call it clear or remission I just happy that it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes.
I will be seeing the consultant on the 15th May & if it then just follow up I will ask if I can go back to my local hospital for those as it is so much easier for me.
On the craft side while I haven't done any since my surgery I have upgraded my Electric Quilt Program from EQ7 to EQ8 only had it a few days so still learning it but what I like is in the fabric sizes I can put in Fat Quarters so if I am using them it will tell me how many I need of each colour  
Will post more when I have seen the consultant also more on the EQ8

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