Friday, 5 August 2016

More Oven Mitts & Gift Stash

I have been doing some more oven mitts if you look at my blog in  May  you see the link for the video instructions for them

I done 4 the bottom one is for me the other 3 will be added to my gift stash, what is the gift stash you may ask well it this

I started in January & I do at least 1 gift a month be it knitting or quilting now this year I have not been as good as I was last year but if I count what I have done it does work out that I have at least 1 a month but am behind from where I would like to be 

You could take up the challenge even now so you are getting ahead for Christmas or just having gifts if a birthday or an unexpected gift is needed you have something ready 


  1. Very pretty Janice, love the colors.
    Blessings, Tina

  2. wowwie .. those oven mitts take my breath away. truly functional yet absolutely beautiful. those who get your gift will be really thrilled, i am sure!



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