Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sampler Quilt

First let me wish you All a belated Happy New Year this is my 1st blog of the year

I been in charge of doing a KYO BOM which is Keep Your Own Block of the Month 

I started May 2015 & it will finish in April 2016 but as I had to pick them I have finished the list & done it so I could get on with other things also I wanted to do the blocks in to a lap/single quilt which I have done the finish size is 49" x 62 " below is photos of the quilt I used a flannel for the backing it a light blue but can't really tell by the photos & I did a random/meandering style FMQ using a variegated thread which had red & white & colours in between

Lap Quilt Sampler

Lap Quilt Sampler

Top half of Lap Quilt

Bottom half of lap Quilt

Close up of Reverse size of Lap Quilt

Reverse size of Lap Quilt


  1. So much fun to see the blocks all put together:) Bravo!

  2. It turned out beautifully, as I knew it would.

  3. happy new year's, janice .. belatedly lol

    nice, rich colors in your beautiful lap quilt. pretty pattern and the backside is truly interesting, too!

  4. i decided to visit your site again for inspiration. i think due to your beautiful work, that i began to knit an afghan for my son. wish i knew how to quilt but at least i love knitting!

    love your newest quilt .. again, truly!


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