Sunday, 31 May 2009


Well here are the Potholders/Hotpads I been working on, I done 2 for each person so they will be getting one of each pattern, one is larger than the other if you like to see them larger click on picture & a new window with them in should open.
The one on the Left which has the half triangles is called Afternoon Shadows the one on the right is called Dessert Party both are from a book called 101 Fun-to Quilt Pot Holders by Trice Boerens this is a American School of needlework I got my copy from Amazon UK I know that you can get it at other places depending which country you live in
These will be going to my swap partners one who in Cornwall (UK) the other set will be going to Ireland just hope they like them.
I am not sure what I will start on next have a list of things I want to do just depends on which I choose I do also have some blocks I need to do before I go to the quilting group have to remember to do them.
While I was doing these everything going well until the binding I managed to break 2 needles & was having a lot of trouble but at least I finished them.
I cleaned the machine & put in a new bobbin of thread I think it may be the end of the other one that wasn't helping isn't it always the way that the machine will act up at the worst time if you doing blocks it not so bad but working near the finish don't help lol
We are still having beautiful weather here, tomorrow is my DH birthday so we been out today to get him some good screwdrivers which he wanted well not much else I can get him lol at least now if I need something doing he have some good screwdrivers to screw the screws in lol

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ordered a New Sewing Machine

I have ordered a new sewing machine today it is a Brother BM2600 you can see it at this link

I am getting a free carrying bag with it & I also ordered a quarter inch seam foot so I am set for my quilting group this is the one I went to for the first time earlier this month, my DH is giving me half the money so it not so expensive as if I had to pay for it all

I do have a sewing machine which you can see at this link

But being it a more expensive machine I don't want to be transporting it around just in case it gets damage.

I been working on some hotpads/potholders & just have to finish the binding tomorrow for them to be done then I can get them in to the mail early next week as they are for a swap i am involved in I have to Mid July to post but sooner the better.

We are having a lovely spell of nice sunny warm weather here in the UK which is nice more like a summer's day lets hope we get a good summer this year.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

My Trainer/Sports Socks

Well it nearly the end of the week, this week in the UK children have been on holiday so it been a quiet week not that school holidays affect me anymore all my lot have grown up (or so they say lol) & have children of their own.

I had a mixed week I been working on some hotpads/potholders which I am still working on & hope to show them soon, but I have started & finished a pair of trainer/sports socks for myself which you can see.

The socks are done by doing 10 rows rib I casted on 56 stitches using 3.5mm DPs knit one row then change to 2.75mm to do a K1 P1 rib until I done the 10 rows then change to knit for another 10rows then i start the heel flap & continue as I would if I was doing a normal socks these socks are great with trainers/Sport shoes when you need something on your feet but don't want ones that are longer.

I also had been reading a lot & took that time for me I enjoy a nice time travel romance, I just finished Tryst in Time & Tempest in Time both by Eugenia Reiley these are set in the Old South either just before or after the Civil War, I have another book to read but not by her.

Now that I have finished my socks & my new recliner sofa arrived (7.30am) this morning I will be able to put my feet up & relax when I want to be it reading or knitting.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

This & That for Today

Today I am cutting fabric for my hotpads (potholders) for a swap I have to do 2 for each person I have & I have 2 people to do for so 4 to do in all.
I am hoping to sew them tomorrow as I do find cutting is backaching so have to pace myself.

On a different note a friend I went to school with & haven't seen for well over 20 years, we have been in contact for the last few years but not met up well she plus some other girls I went to school with are meeting up on Saturday for a meal & so I will be travelling down for that it should be good fun & there a lot to catch up on as it 40 years this year since we left school so not seen some since then.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Meeting a Swap Partner

Here is a photo of Janet & me which her daughter took on Saturday when I was at her quilting group.

I had a great day & really enjoyed meeting such a lovely lady, I was made to feel very welcome & was there as her guest, Janet runs the group & so she was busy but she still made time for me & made sure I wasn't left on my own

I got to meet Janet as she was my swap partner in a Friends Swap, in it you use the letters so F = Fabric ect for all the letters are used it was great that once we had been paired up we found that we live not that far from each other & that is how i came to go to the group.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Log Cabin Quilt

Well I finished my DH quilt below is him holding it up not that you know who is holding it up & above is the quilt laid on the bed for me to take a photo not that the photos are very good

It has fleece on the back & no wadding(batting) as it for a light weight but warm to the touch when under it am rather pleased with it not so keen on doing such a large quilt with fleece backing but on the whole it came out fairly well

Log Cabin Quilt

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Went to Quilting Group

I have had a wonderful day, went off to a quilting group where a lady I had been partner with in a swap on a blog invited me as it not too far away well got to the road okay but drove past it went up so far & then knew I had gone too far any found in on the way back.
There met a lovely lady & I wanted to surprise her & give her the swap which due date by July but I thought I do it early.
I had been told I didn't need to bring anything she would supply it as I was her guest, in the morning we did Cathedral window that was fun, not as easy as she made it sound plus I was using her sewing machine so with strange machine didn't do too bad.
Then in the afternoon did Wonky Star again was fun & I think with a bit of practice could be good as you can see from the photos of my work what sort of results I got

The lady who is Janet she will be putting photos on her blog later today so from tomorrow you should be able to see them here her blog

You see how the blocks ect should look lol, I really learnt a lot & will be going again the group meets once a month so that nice & will give me somewhere to go & learn more Thanks Janet

Friday, 15 May 2009

Quilt Show & Free Draw

Here is a link to a site that you can have your own quilt show then you can enter a free draw so do take a look there is some beautiful quilts there so go to

then enter her Give Away

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Happy Birthday to my Mum

This is to remember my mum today as this would have been her 98th birthday the photo is of my mum & dad taken around 1951 she was wearing a lovely blue dress my dad got for her 40th birthday I can still remember that dress & the lovely colour the photo was at a Char Ladies Ball that they went to.

Happy Birthday Mum who passed away 5th October 2008

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Log Cabin Blocks

Well I have not been doing much sewing this past week the blocks for my Log Cabin which will be for home not as a gift, are done here are 4 of the 30 blocks i have done as my DH doesn't like anything heavy I will be not using wadding/batting in this but have ordered some fleece to back it with so it will be soft, light yet warm.
I have to put all the blocks in to the top & add some bordered but haven't done any of that yet hope to start that later in the week.
I have done another pair of trainer/sports socks for DH i did them & while the way the colour pattern has come out I don't like this don't seem so consistent but DH did say about having some more as he had shop bought ones & they have shrunk so he asked me to do another pair out of the yarn as these are not seen he not too worried but did say he have plain/solid colours for his socks that he would wear with shoes & under trousers
I have decided to get a couple of books so I can do a bit of reading something relaxing in the evenings when I don't want to knit or my hands are giving trouble, i have ordered A Tryst in Time by Eugenia Riley it a romantic time travel one which I love, I have also order a couple of other Time Travel Romance ones as well, I am just a big softy at heart lol