Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Little of This & That

Since my last post, we taken up the quilt which I mention in the previous post to my Granddaughter she loved it so did son 

We had gone up for Sunday Dinner as he asked us to go up as it was my birthday the Tuesday after (17th) so a nice day & it was a rare dry sunny day in the middle of a lot of very wet weather.

My birthday came & I got sick so not a great birthday, had to laugh the first time I was getting sick the dog came up to the toilet & heard me so he started to bark to let DH know i wasn't well lol

On the nice side of the birthday DH had got me a Fujifilm camera so I can hopefully take better photos of my quilts as it not a compact camera it a little like the old ones you could change lens but without being able to I believe they call them bridge cameras

I also got some money & vouchers so have ordered some books & DVDs the DVDs are not quilted related, I also signed up to two courses on Craftsy.Com one is called Big Quilts on a Small Machine & the other is Free Motion quilting I got them half price so the 2 only cost what the normal cost of 1 would be.

I have been working on a pot holder for a swap I did an applique one but a round one never done that shape before & with some FMQ on it  here are some photos with closer view & reverse side views

I also did a pair of socks for the person I was hoping that the size would be okay not knowing it & as it was going to be a surprise I couldn't ask I used Regia Galaxy Yarn which is a 4ply yarn

I am now working back on my quilt I had done the blocks & put them together & now I am working on doing the borders.

The fabric I have used was a large floral one which I got I do like it but it was larger than I expected so I done Large blocks to be able to show the flowers better, the block is called diamond in a square I used a cream for the corners & I must say they stand out more than I expected them to. 

I used 2 of the 4 fabrics I have this is a Pink & a Red one the other two I have are Blue & Purple I don't have one of the blue but it similar to the Pink & Red in that it has green leaves on it & not like the purple one where it more one colour

I am adding 3 borders the 1st & Last are similar with a different one but still similar in the middle I will be doing the top border on the last one much wider than the rest of the ones in the last as I did this on some other quilt which was gifts & rather like it so wanted to do it for myself plus I think it looks good when it covers the pillows

I am going to back it with a flannel backing so it warm to the touch I got a wide flannel backing fabric from the USA at a good price a while ago knowing I would be doing myself a quilt as at the time I didn't know colour ect I went for a cream mottle effect 

I am hoping that I will be able to put the layers together soon so watch out for the finished quilt


  1. You've been very busy! The socks are just beautiful, and I love the potholder. I look forward to seeing the quilt completed. It's looking good already.


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