Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aran Sweater

Here is the Aran Sweater i been working on I finished it yesterday Wednesday 5th Sept, I started it on Saturday 11th August so it taken just over 3 weeks to do

I used Robin Aran 75% acrylic & 25% Wool the pattern is 8 row repeat, this is going to be a gift am hoping that the person will like it I hope to get it sent soon


  1. It looks great, and I bet the new owner will be thrilled with it.

    Getting it done in 3 weeks is just amazing.

  2. OH, WOW, Janice, this sweater is just GORGEOUS! I love the color AND the pattern. What a blessed person, the most fortunate recipient!

  3. Three weeks! Wow you knit fast. It would have taken me 3 months!

  4. Where can I get the pattern?

  5. Thanks to the person who left the above comment but being anonymous i can't answer direct


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