Friday, 27 November 2009

Has this Happen To You?

I hope all those who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one, we don't here in the UK so we will be gearing up for the big one which is Christmas.
Well the title of this post is Has this happen to You? & you will be asking what, well my friend & I have been talking about getting a project started after Christmas but we want to see if we can sort it out now so if we need supplies we may be lucky enough to get it in the sales that may happen after Christmas.
Well I was saying that I like a quilt I have in a Book or Magazine may not do it but when I originally saw it I liked it so much or should say the colours I got some of the colours.
Well do you think I can remember where I saw it I been looking through my books which I did thing it was in but no so started to pull out all the magazines now I know it at least a year old it is if I remembered right a simple 9 patch but it uses pastel colours it uses a White or WoW & does the patches in pink & white, yellow & white, Mint Green & white ect yet I can't find the magazine or book so am getting rather frustrated I guess it will be go & pull all the magazines out yet again lol
I hope to be sewing today want to work on the Applique top that was my Quilting Group project want to get this finished in the next week if I can.
Both DH & Me have had the swine flu jab on Wednesday it can & has caused sore arms but that been it so far but you know you had it but it not that bad you can't use the arm just don't lay on it or knock it lol
Well I am about to start looking again for the pattern hope I am lucky this time I may sort out the magazines in to the groups which may help we see, if I have any advice for those who get magazines regular is as you see a pattern write it in a journal, on computer or label on front guess who not done that lol

As you will see below I found the book it was in a book called Learn to Machine Quilt by Sharon Chambers it was the colours that have stood out for me which stuck in my mind so what do you all think of this?
I only found it after pulling out all my magazines & having big trouble putting them back & looking at the books starting at one end I did feel it was a book rather than a magazine but you know how the memory can play tricks on you well it does with me the old grey cells are not what they once was lol


  1. I love the colors of the magazine. Those seem to be the ones I always choose for a project.
    Glad you found your book.

  2. Hi Janice,
    Oh all the time I have SM's galore.
    Your memory tells you its a book, so I go for the magazines. neat trick!!!
    Is this what you are going to be making then?????
    Have you seen the Quilt Ros has sorted for the forum, may be just up your street, I am giving it a go.
    lol Jan x

  3. Yes it happens to me frequently. I don't think there is a cure, so just have to learn to live with it I guess.

    Still, at least you did find it. It is really pretty.

  4. Glad that you found it...It is a lovely quilt. Have fun with it!


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