Monday, 23 November 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 11

End of Week 11 (16th Nov - 22nd Nov) of the Christmas Gift Challenge I have managed to do 1 gift which is a pair of 6 ply socks I used Regia yarn this is the first pair I did on this yarn & if I do any for DH I will make adjustments, one adjustment I do to any socks I do on 4 plys & now will do it on this is to cast on & do the first round not only as a knit row but on larger needles than I use for the sock so these were done on 3.5mm DPs needles I would cast on using 4mm & the first row to set where the stiches go on which needle then change to the 3.5mm ones as I start to do the k1, p1, rib I did these as the same size as a 4 ply pair so where I cast on 60 stitches for DH & most of the men I would knit for the same size in 6 ply calls for 48 stitches.
I also when knitting count rows so I count how many I do for rib, then set to zero & count for the leg do as pattern for heel flap, heel & instep, back to zero & do the foot then do the decrease for the toe this way I get both socks to match I find that trying to measure while on the needles I can have a slight difference between them this way works for me.
I have started another pair of socks that all I seem to be doing is socks on the knitting & table runners for the sewing lol
I went to my Quilting Group on Saturday which was a great day pin the applique top & have started to quilt it, the down side of Saturday is that was the last one of not only the year but until February I can understand that Janet of   Jansmuses   who runs it needs time to have a break also her DD Annette won't be able to help & DD Suzanne may not be able to every meeting they will really be missed they are great girls & a great asset to their mum you can see more on the quilting day at Jan's blog.
I hope to have more done next week but don't hold your breath as I do seem to be slowing down also I want to do the applique if I can, I do have some blocks to do which I have been rather lazy in doing these are for a Lottery block on my online quilting group well the winner was annouced & I now have to get them done so I can send them to Claudia who one I had signed up for 4 blocks so will hope to get them done this week.
On Wednesday DH & I hope to get the swine flu jab this will be the 3rd time we had a appointment first one got cancelled due to the funeral being the next day of my DSIL just in case any side effects then last week was due to go but it the afternoon I got sick & was laid up so have it booked for this week fingers crossed we can make it


  1. I still haven't tried to knit socks, but I've kept your instructions to use when I finally do. Looks like you're doing well at making your Christmas gifts.

  2. Sorry Janice, but I really do need the break....
    lol Jan x

  3. Congratulations! I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award here.


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